Island Farms

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Island's Meds

Island Farms products include tinctures, elixirs, flower, capsules and wax. We offer most of our products in CBD, THC and blends. 

Tincture - Cannabinoids infused in an alcohol base - 50% to 70% efficiency sublingually.  

Elixir - Cannabinoids infused in a fractionated coconut oil base - 40% to 60% efficiency sublingually. 

Skin Balm - We also offer CBD and THC/CBD in a Mango butter balm for convenient topical application - 60% efficiency locally.

Cannabis Flower - 25% efficiency smoking or 50% efficiency vaporizing.

Capsules - CBD / THC or blended - in unrefined coconut oil - 20% to 30% efficiency orally. Used as a vaginal or anal suppository - 50% to 70% efficiency.

Wax - CBD / THC or blended - pure concentrated extract. Can be used as a base for other medicines, eaten or vaporized. Efficiency based on mode.        

Island Farms products (except pure wax extract) are blended with frankincense, myrrh, and peppermint extracts.  

Tincture Alcohol from grapes grown in West Michigan.

Elixir fractionated coconut oil base is Organic Verdana - 100% pure food grade, vegan, non-GMO oil (non-genetically modified organism).

Capsule shells are 100% natural, Kosher, Halal and Vegan certified. They contain no preservatives, no gelatin, no wheat, no gluten, no animal by products, no starch. Capsule shell ingredients - vegetable cellulose from pine and/or poplar and purified water.  

Capsule coconut oil is Dr. Bronner’s certified vegan, organic unrefined whole kernel virgin coconut oil.

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