Island Farm's Products

Island offers many medication options; 

  • Tincture - Full spectrum THC or CBD in an alcohol base for sublingual use (under tongue)  
  • Elixir - Full spectrum THC or CBD in an fractionated coconut oil base for sublingual or topical use. 

Islands THC tinctures and elixirs are available in uplifting or sedative blends.

  • Cannabis flower - for vaporizing or smoking.  Cured - Available in  flower or pre-rolls.  All of our products are made from pure, natural cannabis flower.  Varieties are listed below.
  • Wax - a concentrated extract for vaporizing or smoking.  Our waxes are currently available in four varieties from uplifting to sedative.
  • Cannagars - Cannabis Cigars - Several sizes starting from 4 grams of premium cannabis flower, packed into Island's custom cannagar molds to cure, then wrapped in natural cannabis leaves with 1/2 gram of wax as adhesive.  Our Cannagars are made with an internal vapor port for even draws and top efficiency.  Available varieties include most of the products on the varieties and effects list.

Capsules - THC, CBD or a blend in unrefined coconut oil.  Used orally or as an anal or vaginal suppository.  

Skin Balm - Full spectrum CBD in a mango butter base blended with bees wax, fractionated coconut oil, cold pressed rose hip oil, eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, fir needle oil, tea tree oil, Italian lemon oil, cardamon oil, laurel leaf oil, lavender oil, sweet orange oil, and rosemary oil.  Used for skin conditions, sore joints, muscle aches as well as hip and knee replacements. 

At Island Farms we are continually working to improve our products.  We selectively breed our plants to increase beneficial terpenes, improve bud quality and improve effects.  Below is a chart showing some of the basic effects from some of our products.  Most people feel similar effects to those listed on the chart, however our bodies are different and the effect you receive may be varied from the list.  It is however a great place to start.  The terpenes (the component of the plant that we are able to smell) directs our bodies to use THC and CBD in varied ways.  Our Holy Grail is considered uplifting by almost everyone, and our Panda Valley is near universally quite relaxing.