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The Island Difference  -  Applying for an MMMP Card  -  Meet the Island Team

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The Island Difference

Island’s mission is to provide clean, naturally grown cannabis products at a reasonable price. Our locally owned farm uses sustainable farming methods, all natural fertilizers and clean ingredients to provide the highest quality cannabis products available. We educate our patients and our community about the power of medical cannabis. The health of our patients is our number one motivator.

Applying for an MMMP Card

Are you interested in applying for an  MMMP card? Island makes it easy!

Under the current recreational marijuana laws there are many limitations and restrictions. Having an MMMP card may help eliminate some of these restrictions. Additionally, becoming and Island patient helps and supports us.

We process your paperwork, connect you with our doctor, and send your application into the State of Michigan. An MMMP application through Island costs $100, this covers the fees to the State of Michigan and the doctor’s consultation. If you are interested in applying for an MMMP card please call, email, or stop by the farm and we will start your application today.

Meet the Island Team

Island works closely with doctors and caregivers to provide patients with high quality products and reliable information. We are at the forefront of natural cannabis growers in Michigan due to our knowledge, growing practices, and community education efforts. 

We have patients referred from St. Joe’s, U of M Hospital, Beaumont Hospital, IHA Health System, among many others.

We have hundreds of patients that use medical cannabis - conditions that range from headaches and trouble sleeping, to multiple sclerosis and cancer. The power and versatility of cannabis allows it to be an extremely successful treatment for a multitude of conditions.

Leah -  Operations Manager 

Leah coordinates Island’s specialized teams, defines protocol for procedures such as product processing and quality testing, and is one of Island's gas-chromatograph technicians. She has years of experience working with cannabis experts, doctors, and botanists. Together with Maia, she represents Island at educational presentations and events. She enjoys practicing yoga, shooting firearms, and loves spending time with her dog Azra who you can meet at the farm!

Maia - Lab Manager

Maia oversees and facilitates customer interactions, ensuring a positive experience for every patient. She conducts client consultations to provide education and personalized dosing plans. As one of our gas-chromatograph technicians, Maia prepares samples and runs tests to ensure the proper concentration of our products. She analyzes cannabis studies in-depth and is exceptionally knowledgeable about current research. Maia is passionate about holistic medicine and loves to spend her free time outdoors in nature.  

Nate - Concentrates Specialist and Horticulturalist 

Nate leads Island’s extraction lab ensuring we process our plants to preserve the maximum amount of medicinal plant compounds. The results are bubble hash and rosin that are potent, full spectrum and all natural. He is completing a degree in botany at Northern Michigan University, and has perfected his skill at a wide range of cannabis facilities for the last five years. He is mindful about living a balanced and healthy lifestyle and incorporates natural cannabis into his daily routine.

KC - Founder and Facilities Director

In 2013 KC founded Island Farms. After being in a plane crash he had 19 rib fractures, many fractured vertebrae, and a traumatic brain injury. Massive amounts of pharmaceutical medications left him feeling foggy, unable to function and with severe long lasting side effects. After having no luck finding any alternatives, KC and some associates set out on a mission to provide 100% natural cannabis for themselves and their community. After growing the business and finding a team, he focuses on the financial and legal aspects of the farm. He loves to spend time with family, travel, and surf.

Nick - Facilities Technician

Nick maintains Island’s facilities and assists in our construction projects. He has background in renovation, construction, plumbing, electrical and more.  His tasks have included everything from ethernet & camera wiring to repairing tracks on bulldozers and rebuilding cooling systems on loaders. In his free time he is an avid disc golfer, enjoys fishing and photography. 

Island provides medicine (MCL 333.26421) made from naturally grown, naturally fertilized cannabis. Focusing on ‘Full Spectrum Cannabis’, we process our plants to include the maximum amount of cannabinoids and terpenes (essential plant oils) in our products. 

Some Island Farms products are for medicinal use only by qualified patients within the State of Michigan in compliance with the Michigan Health & Safety Code 333.26424.  Use of some of our products is also permitted by law in other countries, states and localities.