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Product Processing & Testing


Our full spectrum products are processed with natural ingredients and clean procedures to provide the highest quality products available. All medicinal herbs grown at Island Farms are tested both in-house using our gas chromatograph and by a third-party laboratory to ensure consistency and quality. All other ingredients are sourced from reliable suppliers who provide third-party test results, participate in GMP, and are certified organic. It is important to us that our patients can be confident they are receiving clean, quality medicine.


Here at Island, we test our products using a gas chromatograph. This machine tells us the exact concentration of certain medicinal compounds in a sample. The results confirm the proper concentration and give us a deeper understanding of a product’s benefits and effects. Currently, we test for 4 cannabinoids and 19 terpenes. However, as we grow more types of plants, we will expand the range of compounds we test for! Through rigorous gas chromatography testing, we have fine-tuned our processing to preserve the maximum amount of medicinal compounds in our products. Our care and attention to detail produces products that are true full spectrum

Image by Angèle Kamp


Plants naturally produce hundreds of medicinal compounds that have a synergistic interaction. At Island, we've refined our harvest and processing techniques in order to preserve all of these compounds and utilize multiple parts of the plant. This results in products that are true full spectrum. Not only is this environmentally friendly, but it's biologically friendly as well! Full spectrum products produce exponentially better medicinal benefits at a lower dose than isolated compounds. We believe in using plants how nature intended!

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