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About Us



Island is a farm located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Our mission is to provide clean, natural medicine at an affordable price. We grow and process our products here at our farm - so you know what happens every step of the way. 

Our plants are grown in living soil using sustainable farming methods, natural fertilizers, and integrated pest management practices. Our farm is completely synthetic-free. We work in harmony with the earth to cultivate the healthiest happiest plants. 

Our full spectrum products are processed with natural ingredients and clean procedures to provide the highest quality products available. We test each product with our in-house gas chromatograph to ensure the proper concentration of medicinal plant compounds.

We educate our patients and our community about the power of herbal healing and medical cannabis. The health of our patients is our number one priority and motivator.

We work closely with doctors and caregivers to provide patients with high-quality products and reliable information. We are at the forefront of natural herbal growers in Michigan due to our knowledge, growing practices, and community education efforts. We have patients referred from St. Joe’s, U of M Hospital, Beaumont Hospital, IHA Health System, among many others.


We have hundreds of patients that utilize medicinal plants - conditions that range from headaches and trouble sleeping, to multiple sclerosis and cancer. The power and versatility of herbal remedies allow them to be an extremely successful treatment for a multitude of conditions. Check out our Testimonials Page to learn more about our patient experiences.

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