Beyond Organic

The vast majority of the cannabis crop in the United States is grown with huge amounts of synthetic fertilizers, artificially added plant growth regulators and harsh synthetic fungicides and pesticides. Many of them banned for use on products for human use.

Island’s care and attention to detail reaches past growing. Our processing facility maintains strict cleanliness standards, equipment sterilization and pathogen control. We test to ensure potent, clean, healthy, wholistic supplements.

USDA Organic regulations allow for use of more than 40 synthetic pesticides and fertilizers - WE DO NOT USE ANY!  We do not rely on synthetic pesticide dosing schedules, application restrictions and toxicity inhibiting mixing charts on our farm. 

Island Farms uses only 100% natural products, no synthetics - ever. 100% Guaranteed!

Natural vs Synthetic

The way a plant uses nutrients is vastly different between natural nutrients and synthetic chemical fertilizers. 

Natural Biological fertilizer

Natural fertilizers are materials derived from plants, animals (or their residues) and naturally occurring minerals. Natural fertilizers feed the microbes in the soil, and the plants are fed by the microbes. 90% of all plants have this symbiotic relationship. 

The area surrounding plant roots is called the rhizosphere. This is where micro-organisms receive nutrients provided by the plants photosynthesis through its roots. In exchange, the micro-organisms provide the plant with compounds that the plant uses to produce phytochemicals (naturally occurring chemical compounds in plants) for its own growth.  

This organic process provides for a healthy, natural flower - free of synthetic residues, pesticides and plant growth regulators.

Island Farms uses only natural fertilizers - including aloe, bone meal, soybean extract, worm castings, kelp extract, yucca extract, composted fruit, natural unsulphured molasses and other naturally sourced nutrients. We feed the soil to promote symbiosis between the micro-organisms and the plants.

This natural system is how nature has designed plants to thrive, growing flowers that are slightly airy, soft, sticky and have small leaves, bracts, orange hairs and frosty trichomes.

No synthetic chemicals, pesticides or plant growth regulators. Just pure, natural, goodness.

Synthetic Chemical Fertilizer

Synthetic fertilizers are man-made, chemical inorganic compounds usually manufactured from petroleum industry by-products.   

When plants are fed synthetic fertilizers, they cease to exude nutrients into the rhizosphere for the micro-organisms. Most of the micro-organisms die and the plant becomes dependent on the synthetic chemicals as its source of nutrition.  

Plants grown with synthetic fertilizers have no options. They are forced to integrate the synthetic chemicals directly. These synthetics are often noticed as a ‘chemical’ taste or harsh sensations in the back of the throat. They regularly cause headaches and are documented to cause cancer, infections, organ failures and death.

Synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, mildewcides and plant growth regulators are sometimes identified by their tendency to create dense, hard buds with no visible leaves.

Most synthetic growers attempt to reduce the amount of oily taste, throat burn and headaches caused by their process. They ‘flush’ their plants with water for the last couple weeks of production.  This method reduces some of the noticeable chemical taste, but does little to remove most of the synthetics from the plant, or reduce the dangers associated with known carcinogens