Patient Testimonials

The wellbeing of our patients is our number one motivation and concern. Here are stories from a handful of patients and their experience with Island products. We hope these first hand accounts will inspire more and more people to join the ways of natural healing. If you have an experience you would like to share, please email us at

Karen S: “I am a sixty four year old woman with M.S. confined to a wheelchair. Your products have kept me from too much pain, which I am so thankful for. Without Island Farms I would be stuck with pesticide covered product. I used to be very miserable before Island Farms. Thanks to them I can breathe and find some happiness.”

Dawn G: “I had a sarcoma of the leg (a form of cancer) that was found February 2019. They were going to give me radiation and then surgery. Radiation wasn’t going to begin until April, so I started a regimen of Island products (CBD and some THC) immediately. I used the tinctures and skin balm. During radiation my skin never broke out or blistered, and never got raw. I would put the balm on my leg everyday after radiation. My doctor could not believe how good my leg looked. They kept asking, “What do you do? What do you use?” I had radiation five days a week for five weeks. 25 doses. They said they had never seen skin look that after radiation. All my skin ever did was look a little red. I’ve been cancer free since ’19. I continue to use Island products everyday.”

Anonymous Island Patient: “I use Island’s Sedative THC Elixir for migraine disease. I’ve tried everything - including abortives, sumatriptan, Nurtec, several triptans, and Fioricet. I’ve tried different brands of cannabis products but they barely work. The Sedative THC Elixir works better than almost all abortive treatments for migraine pain. I use only 0.25mL - 0.50mL at onset and it truly treats (not just distracts from) migraine attacks.”

CBD dogs treats are amazing for so many reasons. Here’s a quote from one Island client, and what she uses CBD dog treats for. 

Mary F: “Han is a big boy who's passion in life is fetch... like all day. He's getting older now and with age comes stiffness/arthritis. We give him 2-4 Island CBD treats a day, along with the elixir if he's really sore. We've tried other brands of CBD for dogs but Island is the best.

We also used Island CBD elixir and sedative THC elixir for our dog who had an aggressive cancer, the combination really helped his pain and kept him off the harsh pharmaceuticals he was prescribed.”

Don has two dogs that he gives daily CBD. Here’s what he said: 

Don C: “I have two labs that are 11 and 14 years old. They both have arthritis and one of them has trouble with her hips - so I started them on CBD. Now that they’re using Island CBD Dog Treats they’re less stiff and more mobile. They’re happier because of it. Island has good prices and I’m always happy shopping local.”