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Product Processing & Testing

Through rigorous gas chromatography testing we have fine-tuned our processing to preserve the maximum amount of medicinal compounds in our products. Our care and attention to detail produces products that are true full spectrum.

Island products are tested both in-house and by a third party laboratory to ensure consistency and quality. 


Every Island product is tested by our in-house gas chromatograph which shows the cannabinoid / terpene profile. We test for 4 cannabinoids and 19 terpenes. This gives us a deeper understanding of a product’s benefits and effects. We regularly test through third party labs to confirm our results. Interested in a specific product’s profile? Ask us at the farm and we can review numbers!


It is important to us that our patients can be confident they are receiving clean, quality medicine.


Strain Descriptions

The terpenes that we test for at Island are some of the most abundant terpenes in cannabis and the most studied. A product's cannabinoid / terpene profile gives us an idea of what the effects may be, and help us understand the prominent medicinal properties. We also personally test our products and strains to gather the most accurate description we can! The strain descriptions found on our menu are derived from a combination of individual patient experiences plus the GC results.

Top Terpenes

Two main factors are taken into account when determining a strain's "top terpenes". First we look at the given strains' most abundant terpenes. For example the three most abundant terpenes in Purple Queen are Beta-Caryophyllene, Alpha-Humelene, and Beta-Myrcene. Secondly, we find the highest level of each terpene across all of our strains. For example, Purple Queen has the highest level of Nerolidol compared to our other strains. Therefore the three highlighted terpenes for Purple Queen include Beta-Caryophyllene, Alpha-Humulene, and Nerolidol.

Why don't we test for more terpenes?

The world of cannabis research is always moving forward! However there are still many things about cannabis that haven’t been investigated. Many of the terpenes that have been identified don’t have a laboratory standard yet, or the standard that exists is too expensive. Additionally many of these terpenes haven’t been studied in depth. Therefore even if we could obtain a laboratory standard, we wouldn’t actually know what particular properties that individual terpene may have.

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