Island Farm's Products

If you are an Island patient please contact us with any questions regarding products, dosing, prices or other inquiries. 

Due to supply chain issues, vape cartridges are sometimes out of stock. Please call for our current inventory.

A Note About Product Effects

At Island Farms we are continually working to improve our products.  We selectively breed our plants to increase beneficial terpenes, improve bud quality and improve effects.  Below is a chart showing some of the basic effects from some of our products.  Most people feel similar effects to those listed on the chart, however our bodies are different and the effects you experience may be varied from the list.  It is however, a great place to start.  The terpenes (the component of the plant that we are able to smell) direct our bodies to use THC and CBD in varied ways.  Our Bubble Gum is considered uplifting by almost everyone, and our Peppermint Kush is near universally quite relaxing.

This is our current Bud Menu.

These strains are available as jarred flower and pre-rolls unless indicated otherwise.

Usage and Efficiency

Cannabis Flower -   Can be smoked or vaporized. 25% efficiency smoking or 50% efficiency vaporizing.

Tincture - Full spectrum THC or CBD in an alcohol base for sublingual use (under tongue) - 50% to 70% efficiency sublingually. 

Elixir - Full spectrum THC or CBD in an fractionated coconut oil base for sublingual or topical use. 40% to 60% efficiency sublingually. You can also apply elixirs topically - 60% efficiency locally.  Our CBD is great for eczema, cuts, minor burns, insect stings, arthritis, muscle aches and joint pain.

Wax - Full spectrum concentrated extract for vaporizing or smoking. Wax an be used as a base for other products like edibles, and elixirs/ tinctures. It can also be vaporized. Efficiency based on intake mode (see above).

Capsules - Cannabis in a mango butter/ fractionated coconut oil base. Our High Strength Capsules are great for sedative based pain management, anti-cancer and sleep aid. 20% to 30% efficiency orally, or 50% to 70% efficiency used as a vaginal or anal suppository. 

Skin Balm - Full spectrum plant extract for skin and lips. Can be used for increased pain relief, gout, neuropathy, surgical sites, massage and rheumatoid arthritis, skin conditions, sore joints, muscle aches as well as hip and knee replacements. 


Fasten lids tightly. Store all products in cool area away from direct sunlight.  Liquids and capsules may be refrigerated if storing for longer than 60 days. 

Ingredient Information

All ingredients in every Island product are organic and / or natural.

Island Farms tinctures, elixirs, and capsules are blended with vanilla, copaiba, frankincense, myrrh, and peppermint extracts with sunflower lecithin (added for enhanced bioavailability).

Tincture alcohol - Pure 200 Proof, Kosher, Organic, Food Grade, American Chemical Society / United States Pharmacopeia rated.

Elixir fractionated coconut oil base is Organic Verdana - 100% pure food grade, vegan, non-GMO oil (non-genetically modified organism).

Capsule shells are 100% natural, Kosher, Halal and Vegan certified. They contain no preservatives, no gelatin, no wheat, no gluten, no animal by products, no starch. Capsule shell ingredients - vegetable cellulose from pine and/or poplar and purified water.  

Mango Butter is organic Mangifera Indica kernel extract.

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