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Patient Testimonials

The well-being of our patients is our number one motivation and concern. Here are stories from a handful of patients and their experience with Island products. We hope these first-hand accounts will inspire more and more people to join the ways of natural healing.


Island Farms is an impressive producer of high-quality cannabis and medicinal plants. Their commitment to quality, the environment, and their consumer base sets them apart in my opinion. The work Leah, Maia, and staff do to ensure the safety and quality of their products is impressive and their dedication to science-based management and sustainability is very heartening. Producers like Island Farms only make the cannabis and natural medicine industry better and I am proud to count myself as one of their supporters.


I have benefitted from the knowledge and care of the good folks at Island Farm for nearly seven years. The osteoarthritis (both knees, shoulder replacement) pain in my body has been greatly alleviated with their help. The new “cooling” skin balm is fast and effective at pain relief in my wrists /hands. The care received from the team at Island is the best found, anywhere.


“I have had multiple surgeries to remove basil cell carinoma growths from my face. Recently I had a video conference with my doctors to look at steps forward dealing with my scars. My doctor remarked about how great of a healer I am and she asked if I was using the silicone balm they had given me to use. I said no, that I was using THC/CBD balm from a local farm. She was impressed enough with the results she asked that we discuss it at my next appointment.”


Three years ago I was in an auto accident that resulted in a broken ankle. No big deal right? Wrong, I was one of the few lucky people in the world who developed a condition called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) also known and Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD), and some physician/authors refer to this disorder as ‘The Monster’ or ‘The Suicide Disease’. CRPS affects everyone differently with everyone experiencing the same basic criteria which is used for diagnosis. Severe pain that cannot be controlled. The pain is related to a malfunction in the sympathetic nervous system so medications like Neurontin, Lyrica, etc. are typically used along with Flexeril, Oxycodone, OxyContin, Morphine, Dilaudid, and even in many cases Ketamine infusions. I have tried so many drug combinations that I have lost count. I still struggle to sleep at night and cannot wear normal shoes because the majority of the time I cannot bear to have anything touch my foot. I have been through physical therapy and exposure therapy which has allowed me to wear a sock on my affected foot. My foot feels like it is on fire all of the time and yet, when I take the temperature of my foot, the thermometer only reads ‘LO’. 

In 2019 I was planning for physician assisted suicide and had started having the conversation with my children and grandchildren. My physical medicine and rehab (PM&R) doc and I discussed this and she agreed that perhaps I should go ahead and try medical marijuana products to see if they were helpful. I immediately called Island and went in to discuss what I could do. THC was immediately effective but I quickly learned that CRPS is not just a Monster, it is a Mutating Monster. I am so grateful to have Leah at Island to chat with because she knows the product and although she doesn’t know my disorder, she listens to my needs and asks appropriate questions and she’s really helping me get some relief. I am writing this after my fourth good night of sleep in a row….in just over three years! 

I have tried other products from dispensaries but the staff often doesn’t say much more than this one makes you sleepy and this one keeps you up. At Island, they explain the science behind what they are doing and help figure out the best way to address the needs of their clients. As my disorder continues to change I am glad I have the knowledge of the Island staff to help me adjust my organic medications.


Leah and Maia at Island are true professionals. Their ability to listen and learn about my autoimmune inflammatory issues showed a true passion for helping clients find the best Island product. Ultimately, we decided on the skin balm, and the results continue to amaze me whenever I have a psoriatic arthritis flare-up. I highly recommend the Island Med team and their products.


I have never really been a fan of marijuana as it failed to produce any positive effects. However, as more information came out about how marijuana can help with anxiety and PTSD, I realized it was time to talk to someone about it. Most of my experience with medication was high doses of Xanax and other SSRIs which came with a lot of unwanted side effects. I also was beginning to learn the extent of my daily anxiety and how that has been untreated for the majority of my life. I was discouraged with modern medicine's approach to my PTSD/anxiety and was ready to give up on finding anything to help with these significant daily struggles.

Serendipitously, I met Leah and Maia at an outdoor event and was immediately impressed with their knowledge and passion for their products. It’s not easy for me to talk about my PTSD and the challenges I have because of it but because Leah and Maia are so wonderful, the conversation flowed with ease. They were gentle and very compassionate while listening to me. They understood what I was saying and were able to ask questions without being too invasive. They were able to recommend certain products for each different type of use I was looking for. After our first discussion, I realized it was the first time I had hope that there might be something that can actually help improve my daily life. I have been buying products from Island for almost a year now and continue to find myself impressed with their knowledge and passion. I can also attest that the hope they instilled in me at that first meeting has come true. While my side effects of PTSD and anxiety will never go away, I find myself more equipped to handle life’s daily challenges and to enjoy the life I am living.

It’s also nice to know that the products I am buying and using are fully processed at their facility and there are no added unnecessary chemicals. I believe what they provide is entirely unmatched by any other dispensary. Leah and Maia are genuine, caring and I am grateful for their services and the positive way it has changed my life.


As we were leaving this afternoon, we had the unexpected pleasure of meeting Leah’s dad. That was an additional pleasure! He was friendly and willing to communicate with us. Our experience today, with all of you, was a very pleasant and educational. As we mentioned, as time goes on we will communicate with you to provide feedback. During my business and employment experience I had years of experience making presentations to public officials in a number of states. The two of you outperformed anything I had done during that time. 

I am impressed with your technological and medical expertise. You went a long way to help me get over my skepticism about marihuana and its derivatives. The CBD salve I applied to my knee actually provide some relief (perhaps my imagination and positive expectations) time will tell!

I would like to suggest (nothing to benefit me) that you allow me to communicate with senior living establishments like, 'Fox Run. Suggesting that they invite you for an hour presentation or whatever you need in time to present what you offer. The residents of these Communities would benefit significantly from your knowledge, expertise and the benefits of CBD.


"As a result of a fractured neck, over the past 40 years I have endured a gradual increase in uncontrollable leg spasms and unbearable pain. Unsuccessfully, I’ve tried countless traditional medications, therapies and braces to control the 20-30 nightly spasms but, my situation worsened. Recently my doctor shared a study regarding the benefits of organic THC and/or CBD oil and suggested that I consider trying them. She even went as far as to recommend Island Farms for their professionalism and products.

As a former Medic with over 25 years experience, I regrettably did not immediately consider using either. However, after reconsidering I reached out to Island Farms and spoke with a highly professional staff member who walked me through the whole process. Still reluctant, I visited the farm and was extremely impressed with the facility and the laboratory where extractions take place. Staff members spent nearly 40 minutes making me feel comfortable with their product and did not use high pressure sales techniques. 

Skipping ahead, following their recommended dosage, the results were immediate and remarkable. For the first time in years, I did not experience spasms or leg pain. A true miracle. It’s been about three months since I first started using Island farms products and aside from the occasional breakthrough, I’m happy to say that I no longer suffer from nightly spasms and I’m able to sleep through the whole night. Thank you Island Farms"


"I'm 72 yrs old and first smoked cannabis when I was 15, Spring of '65. I've used cannabis off and on throughout my life. I used to smoke because I enjoyed it, but things have changed. 

I have two neurological diseases of catastrophic pain - Poly Peripheral Neuropathy and Adhesive Arachnoiditis - and one amplifies the pain of the other. All the neuropathic pain climbs up my body through my spine and by time my brain registers the pain it is very debilitating. Due to the pain of these diseases I was seriously contemplating suicide. I love life, but my life became nothing but pain. I needed to figure out a way to help cope with the physical and psychological pain I was experiencing. 

Opioids helped with pain, but the side effects became a massive issue. I am still dealing with the lagging side effects. Gabapentin was able to help a small amount - but when used alongside cannabis there was a huge improvement. THC helps massively with pain, sedation and activation of my other medication.

Natural full spectrum products are crucial for me and my condition. With Island there is an obvious difference in care and attention compared to other businesses. Island products have consistent quality and are extremely dependable. There's no charade, pretentiousness, haughtiness - they are regular human beings with the mission of helping people. Other places act like they are gods, and they are extremely unprofessional and top price. Dispensaries have average product and cost more. I know only one other person that I've found that grows decent plants, and even that stuff can be covered in mold. I have found that sometimes other sources come up with pretty good products - but not usually. 

Island has an excellent product that is clean and consistently available. The fact that I can order and have it delivered is very helpful. Because I can't walk, getting out of the house is a big project, so I appreciate delivery more than most people would. After finding Island Farms I don’t need to look elsewhere."


“I am a sixty four year old woman with Multiple Sclerosis confined to a wheelchair. Your products have kept me from too much pain, which I am so thankful for. Without Island Farms I would be stuck with pesticide covered product. I used to be very miserable before Island Farms. Thanks to them I can breathe and find some happiness.”


“I had a sarcoma of the leg (a form of cancer) that was found February 2019. They were going to give me radiation and then surgery. Radiation wasn’t going to begin until April, so I started a regimen of Island products (CBD and some THC) immediately. I used the tinctures and skin balm. During radiation my skin never broke out or blistered, and never got raw. I would put the balm on my leg everyday after radiation. My doctor could not believe how good my leg looked. They kept asking, “What do you do? What do you use?” I had radiation five days a week for five weeks. 25 doses. They said they had never seen skin look that after radiation. All my skin ever did was look a little red. I’ve been cancer free since ’19. I continue to use Island products everyday.”


“I use Island’s Sedative THC Elixir for migraine disease. I’ve tried everything - including abortives, sumatriptan, Nurtec, several triptans, and Fioricet. I’ve tried different brands of cannabis products but they barely work. The Sedative THC Elixir works better than almost all abortive treatments for migraine pain. I use only 0.25mL - 0.50mL at onset and it truly treats (not just distracts from) migraine attacks.”


 I was unable to smoke for 4 years - I used to be a heavy smoker before having a terrible experience. For all these years I have been afraid to smoke again and I figured I was completely done. Leah introduced me to a lovely strain that was CBD dominant with a little bit of THC. It was perfect for me and I am so happy that I can indulge again and not abuse it the way I did before. Love you all and so does baby Karma!

Blades of Grass


Thank you for sharing!

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